Tell Congress:  Support America, not China! 

We’ve enjoyed a nice break from the pain at the pump we felt last year. Low gas prices, supported by more energy being produced in America, have helped all of us.

So who would mess that up? Congress, of course.

Right now, Congress is considering changing the law to let big oil companies ship American-produced oil to places like China. That’s right — they’d rather send American oil to China than keep it here in the U.S.

What will we get in return? Lost jobs and higher gas prices.  It’s the kind of deal only Congress could think makes sense.

We’re on the verge of energy independence, but shipping our oil overseas would stop that progress dead in its tracks — bringing us right back to buying oil from unfriendly countries in the Middle East. Why would we risk our security to help China?

But your voice can stop the madness. By sending the letter below, you’ll make sure they know you’re watching what they do — and you won’t stand for Congress raising our gas prices to help China.  We need your help! Sign the letter today.